Abigail West & Michael Ross

August 15th, 2020


Beloved friends and family,


The outpouring of love and congratulations we’ve received since getting engaged in January has brought immense joy to our lives. We feel embraced by our community and want so much to be married in the physical presence of all of you. Therefore, it is with hearts both heavy and full of love that we write to you with changes to our wedding plans. 


We, Michael and Abigail, will still marry in this rollercoaster of a year 2020. We’re already building our lives together, and we want to establish this exciting new foundation with strength and confidence as we’ve planned since before the pandemic. 


However, in the interest of safety during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot ask too many people to travel to our wedding. It feels unfair for you to have to make the decision of whether or not to come—and a large wedding would put everyone at greater risk. The wedding will now only be an intimate affair with immediate family and wedding party. Call it a “mini-ceremony.”


With that being said, there are still two ways we hope you will join us: 


First, our mini-ceremony will be streamed online, so we hope you can tune in from afar. We’ll send out the link and other details closer to our new wedding date — which we changed to December 20th, 2020 at 11am EST (6pm for you Europeans!).


Second, save a NEW date: November 21st, 2021 (that’s right, next year). This will be the new, big, and hopefully post-pandemic wedding PARTY!! Everyone is invited to attend, so we can celebrate properly in-person and together. It will be at Bonnet Bluff, Abigail’s family home in Worthington Springs, northern Florida. We’ll have a band, a big cake, and good times. 


All Our Love (and socially distanced hugs),


Abigail & Michael

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Getting to Bonnet Bluff

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Our wedding will be held at Abigail's childhood home in North-Central Florida, fondly known as Bonnet Bluff. The house was built 35 years ago by Abigail's father, Chris West, and sits overlooking the Santa Fe River of Life, surrounded by live oaks draped in Spanish moss and cyprus trees flanked by their mysterious knees.

Getting there by Air

Bonnet Bluff is 1 hour 15 minutes from Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). It is 35 minutes from the smaller Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV).

by CAR

Written directions coming soon.

3698 SW 102nd Ave, Lake Butler, FL




Accommodation list to come, but if you are looking now, there are hotels in Alachua (20 minute drive) and Gainesville (35 minute drive).

We also have 13 acres of property that guests are welcome to camp on. Please contact the bride and groom if you plan to camp.

Wedding Day Rundown


Check back here for a rundown of the wedding day festivities.

Be sure to bring clothes for playtime after the ceremony, including swimsuits. Weather permitting, we have a river for swimming and a jacuzzi for lounging and kids to play in. There are a few canoes and kayaks, bring your floaties!

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