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Georgia State Flower Puzzle, 500 pieces

Georgia State Flower Puzzle, 500 pieces


Made by Athens, Georgia based puzzle company, Very Good Puzzle. Made in the USA. Finished puzzle size: 26.625 x 19.25 inches


The Cherokee Rose - a climbing, evergreen shrub with white, fragrant roses - was selected as Georgia’s state floral emblem in 1916, as a nod to the removal of the native Cherokees in 1838. It was said to have grown along the path of the Trail of Tears, which began in Georgia and led to Oklahoma (where Abigail West grew up). In “Georgia State Flower, Cherokee Rose” (2023, linocut block print on reclaimed atlas map, 9x12 inches) West presents two linocut prints, the white layer and then the black layer, on top of a scavenged map of Georgia rail lines (not interstates, a nod to its age!). Like a trail runner, the Cherokee Rose scrambles over and through shrubs and small trees in nature as well as the State of Georgia and its history.

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