Abigail West

I am an artist and activist currently based in Athens, Georgia. I have my roots planted by the banks of the Santa Fe River in northern Florida and in the rolling hills of central Oklahoma. I grew up in the country with a lot of animals for friends.

Since I was little, I've lived in wonder of the world around me, and I've been drawing pictures that express that feeling I get when I look at this beautiful world. Art is an avenue to share beauty, but it is also a way to reach people. Too much is left unsaid about the state of our world and our positionality as stewards or doers of harm. My work today exists at the intersection of wonder and beauty and the intense reality that each and every one of us has become too comfortable in our habits of hyper-consumption.

As both artist and activist, I work situated within my community. Through works of art, people can be reached and provoked in intimate ways that no other call to action can. Above all, I aspire to play a critical role in creating conversations, spreading awareness, and sparking inspiration to move us on a path to a better, more sustainable world.