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At Abigail West Studio, we marvel at the world and are optimistic about the future.

We believe in facing some of the world's biggest issues--the climate crisis, waste, and environmental justice, to name a few--while keeping hope. We believe creativity has the power to transform the world.

Abigail West is a printmaker, metalworker, scavenger & mender. She loves to learn & invent new skills to create images and objects. One of her primary focuses is collecting discarded materials, particularly those that cannot easily be recycled, and transforming them into works of art. She has an affinity for potato chip bags, with their layers of plastic, resin and foil. When ironed, they wrinkle up into a beautiful texture that resembles water. These unwanted "trash" materials tend to actually be incredibly durable and useful--they just need someone to take time and care to handle them.

Originally from Oklahoma by way of North Florida, Abigail now lives and works in Athens, Georgia. She just recently got married to fellow artist Michael Ross, and they are rebuilding a 110+ year old house where they will live and have their studios. Abigail is a competitive trail & ultramarathon runner, and draws inspiration from and sustains her life force through frequent visits to the enchanted North Georgia mountains. 

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