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Artwork inspired by adventure & trail running

Running for miles and miles through the woods cracks your heart open and lets light in. Have you ever spent all day out in the woods? Have you watched a sunrise, summited a mountaintop, closed your eyes and listened to the wind in the trees? Abigail West creates work about that openhearted feeling, that connection to place and nature.

Abigail is a printmaker and trail & ultrarunner in Athens, Georgia. She makes linoleum block prints inspired by adventures in the woods and the deep human connection to nature and desire to protect it. Sustainability runs deep through her art practice and professional background.

Abigail and her husband, fellow artist Michael Ross, are rebuilding a 110+ year old house where they live and have their studios. Abigail is a competitive trail & ultramarathon runner, and draws inspiration from and sustains her life force through frequent visits to the enchanted North Georgia mountains. 

As a runner, she passionately represents the Southeast. Her resume includes:

- Fastest Known Time on S.C.A.R. (70 mile Smoky Mountain Traverse)

- Hurricane 100k winner (2023)

- Coosa Backcountry Loop Fastest Known Time (2023)

- Georgia Jewel 50 mile win & course record (2022)

- Rabun Half Marathon win & course record (2022 + 2023)

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